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Internet brand
Search for a good domain name
for your company is a sub-brand of Xiaoqiang Financial Services
Why does a company need a good domain name?
Is essential to the brand of a company
Provides valuable Internet real estate
A good
domain name
Can save 50% of advertising costs
Helps with Internet accessibility Services
4 Major Features
Provides domain name intermediary services for more than 30 000 top companies
Is the leading digital assets trading platform
Is safe, all funds and transactions are secured
Is an impartial third
party, protecting both
the buyer and
the seller
The Transaction Process

The domain intermediary services offered by
ensure that the transactions between buyers and sellers are as safe and fast as possible.


Call us and
describe what you need

Pay the Deposit

Secures what you requested

Negotiation Service

The domain name agent will contact and negociate with the domain name holder


The buyer pays the domain name
fee and a service fee

Domain Transfer

The seller's domain name is

Transaction Complete

The buyer confirms the receipt of the domain name, 190 sends the payment to the seller

To protect the seller: only once 190 receives the funds from the buyer will 190 notify the seller to transfer the domain name to the buyer.
To protect the buyer: only once the buyer has confirmed the receipt of the domain name, will 190 pay the seller.
Senior Domain Name Broker Team

They help 190 analyze, negotiate, and buy domain names.

  • Wang Bing
    Domain Brokerage Director
    Has many years of Internet related work experience, more than eight years of investment and negotiation experience, as well as a wealth of knowledge in domain assessment, analysis, and negotiation. He participates in a lot of digital asset financing and purchases for large companies.
  • Liao Meizhen
    Senior Domain Name Broker
    Engages in Internet financing; she served for many years in a number of digital asset management companies. She has more than five years work experience in strategic consulting and digital marketing strategies. She worked as a digital asset and senior broker for many technology companies.
  • Dorothy Cui
    Senior Domain Name Broker
    Offers great help with domain name assessment and negotiation. She is very fluent in English and is focused on overseas domain name aquisitions. She has also completed many large sales for individual clients as well as companies.
  • Landy Wen
    Senior Domain Name Broker
    Is very ressourceful and has great skills in business negotiation. She focuses on overseas domain name aquisition and has a good working relationship with both domestic and overseas investment organizations.
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